November 2017


Waking up and Going to Sleep the Right Way

When coming out of sleep you must keep quiet for a few moments and consecrate the coming day to the Divine, praying to remember Him always […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Justifying one’s weakness is laziness

We justify all our weaknesses? It is not a positive want of self-confidence; it is a lack of confidence in what the divine Grace can do for us. […]
Sri Aurobindo Wallpaper

Getting rid of desire

The first movement must be obviously to get rid of desire which is the whole root of the evil and suffering; and in order to get […]
Sri Aurobindo in his room

Essence of Relationships

The idea that all sadhaks must be aloof from each other and at daggers drawn is itself a preconceived idea that must be abandoned. Harmony and […]
Sri Aurobindo in early days

Doing something for the Lord

To do something for the Lord is to give Him something of what one has, or of what one does, or of what one is. That […]
I am concerned with the earth, not with worlds beyond for their own sake; it is a terrestrial realisation that I seek and not a flight to distant summits. All other Yogas regard this life as an illusion or a passing phase; the supramental Yoga alone regards it as a thing created by the Divine for a progressive manifestation and takes the fulfillment of the life and the body for its object.

The pre-requisite to Divine Transformation

The Vedic Rishis never attained to the supermind for the earth or perhaps did not even make the attempt. They tried to rise individually to the […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Knowledge is progressive

It is necessary to curb the mind’s impatience a little. Knowledge is progressive – if it tries to leap up to the top at once, it […]

Find The Mother in work and action

You must be able to find the Mother in work and action as well as in concentration and silence. It is quite possible even if there […]

Reject Restlessness

The effort should be to reject the restlessness and its suggestions altogether. These things come to everybody in the early stages of the sadhana and are […]