July 2017


Control over one’s speech

Control over one’s speech is more important than complete silence. The best thing is to learn to say only what is useful in the most accurate […]
Letters on Yoga - IV

Not to be bound by the environment

It is your vital attachment to family ties and the ordinary social ideas and feelings that has risen in you and creates the difficulty. If you want to […]
O splendour of eternal Truth, I call Thee. I salute Thee, O Sun of the morrow. -The Mother

Mudras of The Mother

Some Answers from The Mother

Entrust oneself totally to the Divine

So long as you oscillate between wanting to transform yourself and not wanting to transform yourself—making an effort to progress and becoming indifferent to all effort through fatigue—the […]
More Answers from The Mother

Attitude towards Animals

Q) In our yoga, what attitude should we take towards animals? A) One can have the true attitude only when one has attained the consciousness of […]
Prayers and Meditations

The Divine is the motive and the goal

Errors have become stepping-stones, the blind gropings conquests. Thy glory transforms defeats into victories of eternity, and all the shadows have fled before Thy radiant light. It is Thou […]
On Education

Essentials for a happy and effective life

For a happy and effective life, the essentials are sincerity, humility, perseverance and an insatiable thirst for progress. Above all, one must be convinced of a limitless possibility […]
Some Answers from The Mother

Never lose your temper

You have reached a point of inner progress when you can no more get into fits of anger without feeling the results of it. You must, once for […]
The Mother with Letters on The Mother

Abhimana in a Sadhak

It is very silly and childish to have abhim¯ana; for it means that you expect everyone including the Mother and myself to act always according to your ideas […]