June 2017


Acquiring the consciousness for true actions

If you want the consciousness for true actions very much and aspire for it, it may come in one of several ways: 1. You may get […]

Qualities of a true child of The Divine

Sincerity, courage, discipline endurance, absolute faith in the Divine work and unassailable trust in the Divine Grace. All this must be accompanied by a sustained, ardent […]

Open to The Mother’s Force

Open what is closed. The Mother does not withhold her force from anyone – it is there for all in abundance. Her pleasure is in giving her force, […]
Words of The Mother - Vol I


Without discipline no proper work is possible. Without discipline no proper life is possible. And above all, without discipline no Sadhana is possible. Ref: Words of […]
Words of The Mother

Do not judge the steps of the Divine

…be on your guard and do not try to understand and judge the Divine Mother by your little earthly mind that loves to subject even the things that […]

Change yourself

Whatever the external circumstances, they are, without exception, the objective projection of what is inside yourself. When in your work you find something giving trouble outside, look within and […]

Practise what you wish to do for others

You can do nothing for others unless you are able to do it for yourself. You can never give a good advice to anyone unless you are able […]

Abolish the ego

The ego must be abolished, the rule of the ego must be abolished. But generally people believe that it is not possible to abolish the physical ego; not […]

Contact with the Divine

Aspiration and devotion are the natural and easy means for getting the contact (with the Divine). The other way by effort is laborious, slow and not sure. The […]