April 2017

Sri Aurobindo

Mind is only a means and body a tool

But only when we break through Matter’s wall In that spiritual vastness can we stand Where we can live the masters of our world And mind […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram with VV Giri

Mood Swings

If you worked regularly eight to nine hours a day, you would be hungry and you would eat well and sleep peacefully, and you would have […]
Sri Aurobindo Ashram

The mysterious ways of The Divine

Obviously, neither Nature nor Destiny nor the Divine work in the mental way or by the law of the mind or according to its standards—that is why even […]
The Mother on concentration

The Divine Grace is with you

When difficulties besiege you, know that the Divine Grace is with you. Ref: Words of The Mother Vol. II
Complete Union with The Mother

The Spiritual Union

The spiritual union must begin from within and spread out from there; it cannot be based on anything exterior—for, if so based, the union cannot be spiritual or […]
Painting by Priti Das Gupta

The real meaning of Grace

People believe that the Grace means making everything smooth for all your life. It is not true. The Grace works for the realisation of your aspiration and everything […]
Painting by Priti Das Gupta

Descent of the Force

The Force descends for two things: (1) To transform the nature. (2) To carry on the work through the instrument. At first one is not conscious […]
Priti das gupta painting

Learn to live within

You must gather yourself within more firmly. If you disperse yourself constantly, go out of the inner circle, you will constantly move about in the pettinesses of the […]
Sri Aurobindo Ashram Dining Hal Meals

The way to eat

…when we eat, we should be conscious that we are giving our food to that Presence in us; it must be a sacred offering in a temple and the […]