The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Faith and Love

Q: Is it not true that those who have faith in the Mother have also love for her? Do not faith and love go together? A: […]
Sri Aurobindo

Emotion and Emotional Desire

Emotion is a good element in yoga; but emotional desire becomes easily a cause of perturbation and an obstacle. Turn your emotions towards the Divine, aspire […]

Controlling the wandering of the mind

O Sweet Mother, teach me to remain unshakable when someone talks to me, because afterwards my mind wanders. Do not identify yourself with the conversation. Watch […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Developing one’s thought

Sweet Mother, You have said that I do not think well. How can one develop one’s thought? You must read with great attention and concentration, not […]
Sri Aurobindo

Important keypoints for Self Control : Practical Guidance

The psychic self-control that is desirable in these surroundings and in the midst of discussion would mean among other things: 1) Not to allow the impulse […]
Sri Aurobindo

Don’t get distressed

Do not allow yourself to be worried or upset by small things. Look at things from an inner point of view and try to get the […]

How to Open

Q: How to open to the Divine Mother? A: By faith and surrender in a quiet mind. 18-6-1933 Ref : Letters on The Mother 

What happens when one grumbles?

Never grumble. All sorts of forces enter you when you grumble and they pull you down. Keep smiling. I seem always to be joking but it […]
The Mother at Ayurvedic Section

How to eat food?

From the physical point of view, it is obviously better to eat quietly and without hurry, and I am quite sure that most often one can […]